To be allowed to fish at Zillebeke Vijver a day license or one of the three different year permits is for sale. For each annual license applies that from 1 January to 31 December can be fished.

1) With an annual license of 40.00 euros you can only fish for whitefish with a maximum of 1 feeder rod, match rod or stalk. Fishing with specific carp rod is FORBIDDEN. This from 2 hours before sunrise to 2 hours after sunset.

 Only a maximum of 2 kg of feed may be used or in possession of Zillebeke pond the surplus must be taken back and not be left on the fishing places and may not be left in the water or at the pond. Keep the fishing spots clean for other fishermen who come to fish after you.

2) With an annual license of 125.00 euros you can only fish for predatory fish and eel with a maximum of 4 rods. This from Monday to Wednesday from 2 hours before sunrise to 2 hours after sunset. .

With this permit you can also use day and night fishing from Thursday to Sunday evening.

Any form of tents is forbidden from setting up or using it.

3)It is forbidden to fish on the following fishing spots: 32,34,36,38,40,42, as this is reserved for carp fishermen who are a reserved fishing village indicated by the angler holder of Zillebeke pond.

 3a) When the water level is low, it is forbidden to sit on top for fishing and should take place at the waterline and, when catching whitefish, this can be created and unhooked with care in order to be able to set it back with care. In case of violation and non-compliance with the measure, the license is immediately withdrawn and the competent services and the police are informed.

This permit does not permit the specific fishing for carp, there is a separate carp license.

4) With a separate annual license of 150 euros you can fish exclusively on carp

with a maximum of 3 rods. There is a separate carp regulations and a waiting list for this license that everyone respects by e-mail.

Only up to 6 carp anglers can obtain an annual permit per year.

After a year, one has to register again on the waiting list via e-mail.

For carp fishing there is an internal regulation that every carp angler receives and must respect when purchasing his permit. The exhibition arrangement must be respected at all times.

5) You can fish with a day license but with a maximum of 2 rods. The day license costs 5.00 euros per rod and per day. and it is strictly forbidden to fish with boillies larger than 12 mm.

This allows the use of whitefish during the day from sunrise to sunset, but not with bait fish alive or dead.

No day permits can be purchased after 6:30 pm to fish at Zillebeke pond. Who is at the water of Zillebeke pond without a permit after 6.30 pm it is forbidden to fish there. This measure has been put in place to avoid abuses of some fishermen and to avoid discussions. This measure has also been put in place to discourage various fishermen from circumventing the regulations.



You should not fish for predatory fish with bait fish (live or dead) or lures. A separate annual license of 125.00 euros must be purchased for this.It is not possible to fish specifically for carp, there is also another separate annual permit. There are separate internal carp regulations and a waiting list for carps.

6) You must fish only at the existing fishing places. It is strictly forbidden to feed if there is no fishing.

In between 2 places it is forbidden to fish.

7) Everyone has to fish from his fishing spot and can fish max. 15 m per fishing place.

8) All planting must be respected at all times.

9) All water birds and their biotope must be respected at all times.

10) The car must be parked on the provided car parks at the pond so that horse lovers can also practice their sport at the pond and other road users, walkers and / or cyclists are not hindered.

11) All waste must be put in the garbage bins present or taken away to be deposited in the garbage bag at home.

12) Every fisherman must show solidarity with his neighbor and this can be mutually respected.

13) Strictly FORBIDDEN to use a nettle except during fishing competitions organized by the Zillebeek Pond Fishermen. A landing net is obligatory to use at all times and must make the caught fish out of eels obligatory and be put back with all caution with the landing net. From now on it is REQUIRED to have and keep using a PADDING MAT to protect the fish against injuries. In case of violation, the annual license is withdrawn immediately and the competent services are informed accordingly.

14) Strictly FORBIDDEN to fish with cable and / or double hooks

15) Strictly forbidden to fish with red maggots.

16) All fish must be returned to the water with care immediately after capture, with the exception of eel or pike perch larger than 60 centimeters or during fishing competitions arranged by the Zillebeek Pond Fishermen.

De Hengelbeheerder Zillebeke pond.

The authorized Fishkeepers:

Ronny Desmet 0479/443848

Marina Deconinck 0478/576756

Donald Everaerd 0497/596803

Ronny Bryon 0472/317077

Andy Jacques 0478/254243